Savran Benson - Closely Held Businesses

Closely Held

We recognize that each business is unique.  Our staff is experienced in a variety of industries that provide customers with professional services and consulting, merchandising, and manufacturing and distribution and include such industries as professionals, real estate, fundraising, and insurance.  We also have experience with all different types of entities – C Corporations, S Corporations, LLCs, LPs, and LLPs.  We take the time to learn the different dynamics of each business and understand the individuals and families running the business.

Even though much of our tasks are financial related, we realize that business – and family – remains all about people.  We understand that business history and culture provides the context for the current business position, and often sets the tone and the options for moving forward.  While the accounting and tax rules are required to be applied by law and common practice, they can be approached in a context that may include the personal and family relationship issues, in addition to day-to-day business concerns.  We work with the owners to establish a clear vision of the business and their goals and how best to satisfy each efficiently.

Closely held businesses benefit from our experience in tax, business advisory and consulting, and estate planning.  By understanding the business and family we partner with you to plan for the future.