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How to Select an Accountant

Selecting an accountant comes down to a few critical criteria.  Most importantly, an accountant is someone you want to feel comfortable with, have trust in, and see yourself planning for your economic future and potential growth with.  The accountant must have an understanding of the tasks you want completed.  Whether it is taxes, business planning, family and succession (estate), forensic accounting, or accounting and auditing, you want the person to be qualified and have specialization in those areas. 

Look at the person’s education, certifications, work experience, and chosen practice areas.  Gather information on the person’s involvement in local and national associations such as the PICPA and AICPA.  Also look and see if they are on boards within those organizations and whether they have leadership roles.  Another way to find out if they have a solid reputation is whether they are asked to speak within the community.   Recommendations for an accountant from trusted attorneys and financial investment advisors are great resources as well. 

In addition, do research on the firm the accountant is connected to.  You will also want to find out if there is a second person at that firm that you will have contact with and will understand your situation.  Meeting all individuals that will be involved in providing your accounting needs will help you to make your decision.    The individual you ultimately decide on will be someone you work closely with, so you must have confidence they are a team player and they are someone whom you can reach out to when you have a concern or need advice.