Matrimonial Litigation Support


Working closely with legal professionals in matrimonial litigation support, we provide consultation, forensic accounting, marital asset analysis, net income available for support calculations, and lifestyle determinations. We are familiar with current case laws and rulings, as well as state statutes. Our assistance includes evaluating the tax implications of dividing property and the settlement options for both immediate and deferred equitable distribution. Interrogatories, document requests, and management of the discovery process are handled efficiently with our client and the attorney. Our work is performed with the utmost respect for confidentiality and attention to the family’s needs and team strategy. We understand the need to be flexible and practical in litigation matters.

Frequently we assist with negotiating the financial aspects of the settlement with the opposing litigant’s team and, if necessary, testify on the client’s behalf. We carefully plan for the financial future of our client and are often times the ongoing trusted advisor after the conclusion of the matter.