Real Estate decisions made with accuracy


Real estate is one of the most tax preferred methods of investing in the tax code and the most recent generational change to the code has increased this advantage if you know where to look. To help take advantage of these breaks, you need a firm who works in the industry day in and day out and benefits from having a wide range of real estate clients.

The real estate industry is subject to many extreme business cycles with different types of real estate going into and out of favor. We work with you to identify the opportunities created by each of these cycles, both the good and bad. Effective tax planning happens at all time in all business environments.

We partner with you to make sure that all decisions are made with the best and most accurate information available. Our firm can provide modeling and forecasting of cash flow and taxable income. We assist the legal team with drafting partnership agreements for optimum equity, debt and tax structure, evaluate the implications of buying and selling partnership interests, and create underlying accounting analysis for tenancy in common and multi-tiered ownership arrangements.

We work with your cost capitalization team and closely analyze the tax implications of these transactions. We facilitate and organize meetings with our clients to review holdings, align ownership with wealth transfer goals, and evaluate disposition options.